Cupcakes and Muffintops 6.0 TOMORROW 8/3 in Oakland

Phew!  The truck is loaded and we are ready for Cupcakes and Muffintops happening tomorrow, 8/3, from Noon to 4pm at the Humanist Hall (411 28th St. in Oakland, CA)! We are so excited to see you all at the sale and to find all these fabulous clothes new homes. A couple of quick notes:

1.) Doors open at Noon (no earlier) and the sale ends at 4:00pm (no later). If you want to shop you need to get there before 4.

2.) Most everything is $7 and under and prices are fixed! There will be price sheets listing prices by item type posted throughout the hall. There is no bargaining or special deals.

3.) We DO NOT accept checks. We take cash and credit cards for purchases and cash only for door and bake sale donations.

4.) While we will have some bags at the register, it is helpful if can you bring your own to to pack up your fashion scores.

5.) The entrance to the sale is on 28th St. See event information for the full description of the entrance and for full accessibility information.

6.) We CANNOT take clothing donations at the door.

7.) We have many volunteers working the sale who are there to help you shop and generally help you have a fabulous day. If you need any assistance find someone working the floor with a name tag on and they will be more than happy to help you!

8.) The more the merrier, so bring your friends!

See you all tomorrow!

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