Announcing Superfat and/or Disabled Shopper Early Entry for Cupcakes and Muffintops!

Announcing Superfat and/or Disabled Shopper Early Entry Pilot Program

As Cupcakes and Muffintops has grown we know it is has become more difficult for our superfat shoppers and shoppers with certain disabilities to navigate the sale during peak hours. In an effort to help improve access for our superfat and/or disabled community members, we are running an early entry pilot program this year. Shoppers who are superfat (predominantly wear a size 4X/5X or larger) and/or those who are disabled are invited to come shop starting at 11am during the pre-sale for our volunteers. The sale will open for everyone else at noon, and we ask that if you are not superfat or disabled or an official volunteer that you please wait to come shop until doors open to the general public at noon.

See you at the sale on Saturday!

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